Yes, our main focus is with film and television companies, but we do a lot more!

We also work on webcasts, news reels, talk shows, infomercials, reality shows and radio spots. 

We work with producers, directors, writers, attorneys, private investigators, sportscasters, teachers, company CEOs, and hopefully YOU!


Interviews – One-on-One/Group. Questions usually paraphrased, answers verbatim.

On the Fly/Walk & Talk Footage – Following-on-set type footage as someone narrates what camera person films.

As-Broadcast Script – Script that reflects completed version of film. Often provided in a three-column structure that reflects: dialogue, scene description, camera angles, onscreen text.

Shot List – Brief description of what camera has shot.

DVD Commentary – Dialogue where one or more persons comment about a film as it plays in background.

EPK –  (Electronic Press Kit) Formerly called “trailer.”  These usually include film clips, interviews and behind the scenes footage.

Webcast – Transcription of media distributed across internet.

Reality Shows – Combination of individual or group interviews as well as show footage or behind-the-scenes footage.

Documentaries – Narration over footage, stills and film clips interspersed with interviews.


*  Time code included with all formats