Transcription Services

For the Entertainment Industry


BAM! is a Los Angeles-based transcription company serving the entertainment industry.  We’ve been in business over 25 years and still work with some of the same companies we began with so many years ago.  I have had the great fortune of being a small part of some of the biggest-name films, the most well-respected documentaries, and the little indie “films that could” and often did!

I love my job.  It’s interesting work and I’ve gained much knowledge through interviews with top directors, producers, actors and crew members.  I also love working with my terrific team of transcribers, who I could not do this job without.  I strive to hire people who share the same work ethic and drive for excellence that I have.

When it comes to my day-to-day duties, every project that lands on my desktop is taken seriously, particularly when it comes to confidentiality.  I also take responsibility to make sure our transcripts are completed quickly and accurately, as well as delivered in an organized manner.  And because I track the finances for BAM! I know how important it is to make every dollar count, just like each production company must do.  So, with my eye on that goal, I attempt to keep prices affordable for every tier of the industry.