Rates & Delivery


Alas, I cannot quote a price without you telling me more about your project and maybe sending a sample. That’s how my car repair guy does it, he has to see what he’s dealing with, and I agree with him. Plus, I wouldn’t mind a good old-fashioned phone call, since I’m in an office all day by myself! I can tell you that we do give discounts for volume and/or ongoing work.

Delivery Time (Completed Transcripts)

Yes, I know you need everything “yesterday,” so I will encourage (def.: yell at, entice, threaten) the transcribers to step on it. Depending on our schedule, we’ll try and get at least some of your transcripts completed next day, more the following day, etc.

Expedites and rush turnarounds are welcome! You want it when? BAM!… you got it!

Delivery Method (Media from you or transcripts from us)

You can send us a link to your media. We can share a secure Dropbox folder. We can receive a hard drive at our location. When transcript is completed, we will deliver it via email or Dropbox.

File Formats

We accept most forms of media including, but not limited to:
.mov, .mp4, .wav, mp3, aif, .wma,

If necessary, we will convert your file to something we can work with, at no extra charge to you.

Data Retrieval – We keep your transcripts for a short period of time. If you need another copy, well resend at no cost to you.

We Love Transcribing

Your customers just learned what services you offer. Tell them why they should work with you or your team, for example you could highlight your experience and positive client reviews.


The badges illustrate this.  We also focus on key benefits they will get while using our services, namely quick turnaround times and dedicated support. You could also use them to show awards you won for your best work.

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