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BAM! is a web wordsmith that works with businesses and individuals to get you the best written copy for your website. We believe in using the least amount of words to deliver the most amount of information, powerful words that speak volumes while optimizing your online presence with Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

We also do Proofreading and Copyediting for books, manuscripts, query/pitch letters, and sales, publicity and marketing materials, and many other types of documents. If it’s written, we can improve it!


Website Content

Content is the most important element of a website. Design, images and photos add appeal, but the written word drives your site!

  • Your site must be easy to find!
    This is accomplished by using optimal keywords throughout your website, words that are relevant to YOUR business. Researched keywords get picked up by search engines.
  • Your site must be easy to navigate and deliver information!
    We are an impatient society. If customers can’t find what they’re looking for quickly, they will move to a site that delivers. Good content writing employs the least amount of words to deliver the most amount of information. This requires both research and a knack for the English language. Simplicity is key, because the average web user reads at the sixth grade level.
  • Your site should be unique, persuasive and entertaining!
    To be noticed and remembered you must stand out from the rest. Notice how most websites today are based on cookie-cutter templates and redundant text? Using persuasive text will impact visitors, compelling them to make a purchase or to inquire further into your services. Entertaining content will keep them smiling and anticipating their next visit to your website.



Websites that rank the highest via search engines feature internet articles. These can be used to broadcast new developments within your company, introduce a new service or product, or simply share valuable information. Articles should educate the reader as well as include valuable keywords.



Blog entries are your website’s connective tissue to the internet. If posted daily or several times a week, this is a powerful way to reach a targeted market.


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