Karen ChildsIf you’ve found your way here, please read on to learn a bit about how BAM! got started. I hope to have an opportunity to hear your story some day.

Many years ago I worked as a musician traveling on the road with many well known entertainers.  While I had a lot of fun, part of me felt unfulfilled and frustrated. I like to begin, rather than end my day at 6AM. And I seemed less interested in haircuts and shoes than my fellow musicians.

Ready for a change and desiring something more stable, I took stock of my skills to see what else I could do. I realized that my ear-to-hand coordination was a natural fit for transcription and there was much need for this service in the entertainment field. That is how BAM! began.

It was slow getting started, and many days I felt like a failure for having left the field of music. But as I persevered I built relationships, first with film producers and directors, then with educators, attorneys and advertising executives. As the business grew I brought on transcribers to handle the increased workload.

Not only do I enjoy owning and running a business, I feel I’m good at it. I enjoy the personal one-on-one service I can provide as well as solving a variety of problems daily. I also enjoy the actual transcribing work because every project brings fresh and fascinating information into my world. And rarely have I received a complaint, mostly I get thank-yous and referrals.

I have found a niche that not only satisfies my left-brain, but allows me to continue pursuing my creative goals, whether it be composing music or writing a book on growing up with rockets and the space program.

If you are a current BAM! client, I humbly thank you for helping us along the way, and for providing so many jobs for our talented team of transcribers. If you are not a current client, I hope that you will give us the opportunity to be of service to you soon!

Karen Childs, Owner BAM! Transcription


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